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Friday, January 06, 2006

Mainly About Dead

Today I formally purchased tickets for Pakistan.

And as of today this blog is dead.

Please direct all of your readership, links, and such to the new blog, The Diplodocus.

R.I.P., Mainly About Food. We've had good times. But onwards and upwards; Islamabad calls.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Best Sandwich in DC Bar None

To State Dept. colleagues embarking on consultations, friends who work anywhere near the White House, and anyone else who likes the taste of deliciousness: get thee over to Breadline. I stopped by Christmas Eve Eve after a brief trip to the Department and had the Triancria Sausage sandwich: it was phenomenal. I’m a sandwich lover, and I can say with conviction I do not think I’ve had a better sandwich. I have no idea how Au Bon Pain stays in business on the same block as this gem.

Local foodies report that Breadline supplies the bread for many top restaurants in the city. That doesn’t surprise me, as the bread was absolutely stunning. Its bread that would make any Atkins dieter cry, bread that would make Wonder Bread CEOs commit hari kari for their insult to the staff of life.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to visit Breadline. If you have friends/family touristing, consider it a mandatory stop. Yes, Cosi may be cheaper, but the few extra dollars spent for a truly amazing sandwich are worth it.

(cross posted to the new blog, still in development)

(unrelated: can it be that I'm actually cheering for the Redskins in a game that isn't against the Cowboys? That I actually, unironically, want a team I have hated vehemently for all of my sports-watching life to make the playoffs? This feels weird. Of course, if the 'Skins don't make the playoffs the Cowboys will -- a team I hate even more. So there may be some subconscious reasoning going on here.)