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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Two Amys, a Religious Experience

My first foray into knocking out items on my now evolving to-do list was marred by the fact that I left my camera on my kitchen counter. But it was still a very good day. I started at Two Amys where my companion and I enjoyed grilled stuffed squid with green sauce -- awesome. After the starter we diverged; she had the margherita extra while I had the ribieno extra. That's basically a calzone stuffed with pancetta, prosciutto, salami, ricotta, and mozarella. When it first arrived at our table I stifled a laugh; this was totally going to be two meals. But when I dug in I realized that reheating would be an insult to this awesome crust, so I slowly but surely soldiered through eating the entire thing. It helped that it was delicious. The quality of the ricotta stood out in particular, better than any simple ricotta I have ever had. I wish I had a little bit more tomato sauce, but the benefits of that could be argued.

After Two Amys we walked down to the Cathedral, the most inexplicable of the landmarks in DC I've ignored. Unfortunately, construction prevented us from seeing Darth Vader, but the Cathedral was still impressive. The unusual marriage of pride in America and Episcopalianism was a little strange to me -- it seemed directly in conflict with the establishment clause -- but it worked, overall. I was pleased to see an entire bay of stained glass windows devoted to Maryland, and the architecture was Gothic-tastic. In comparison to other Cathedrals I've seen, the Washington version seemed a little excessively modern, no comparison to the York Minster, but it was still a beautiful building. Overall, a very nice excuse to actually drive in the city. I'm upset I missed Messiah, but that's what happens when you spend your days away from a computer and don't research things ahead of time.