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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The INA Can Ram It

Currently: in the middle of my Non-Immigrant Visa test, sending emails to family and friends, and basically wasting time. Work is pretty fun at the current moment, as is obvious. I mean, who blogs during a test?

Today was a banner day, as I arranged for my departure from these hallowed grounds. Official departure as of now is January 18th. Itinerary takes me to NYC for two days, departing Saturday the 20th. Onward to Heathrow, Dubai, and ultimately Islamabad. The last two legs of the flight? Gulf Air, First Class. That's what I'm talking about, people.

The flood of departures has not begun, but it's close: our first leaves for Saudi tomorrow, and around December 17th the floodgates really open, with a departure each week it seems. We had the first goodbye party last night at Old Ebbitt, where I enjoyed a half dozen oysters and an oyster shooter. And! I found some people willing to go in on the Orca Platter with me. Now that, friends, is awesome.

First Class and Orca Platters. I should enjoy this while it lasts. God Bless America.