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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Vino Bleg

Carrying on from my last entry: through some online friends I won a spot for two at Ray's the Steaks Monday the 5th. The dinner is a great deal and since it's a private event, it's BYOB. Which is awesome, except I don't want to roll up with a bottle of Yellow Tail.

I'm thinking, as usual, a full bodied Syrah. My date's not a big fan of the oaky Cabs and I'm not as good with wine as I was this time last year, so I figured a standby wouldn't be so bad. But in addition to knocking off an item on my to-do list, the dinner is a special occasion (a birthday). And I ALWAYS do Syrah/Shiraz. I'd like something different.

So, readers, can anyone suggest a good bottle of Red to go with outstanding steak that will run me around $20, maybe a bit more? Vendors where the suggested wine is available would also be appreciated. I do have easy access to Schneiders, but can get pretty much anywhere.

Yes, this is a ridiculously easy bleg. But if you look at what I've had for dinner the past few days, it would become obvious how low I've sunk culinarily. No daydream time = no recipe contemplation.