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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No Vaccine for It

What I've learned after two days of Consular training: "American" nationality is much closer to an STD than I ever thought. Transmission, legitimation, small "freedom bumps" that develop near your nether regions. Who knew.

Also, though I like the sentiment behind Scott's bovinity thing, that particular neologism seems incorrect. If anything deserved the "bovinity" tag, it would be a steak. But we're talking ground beef here -- it's already the spare bits of beef mangled beyond recognition. It's creative, and the "platonic ideal" thing is a bit played, but bovinity seems a bit to close to "cruncheweesy".

Off now to school (with direct deposit). Today I begin LU930, Teach Yourself Urdu for Fun & Profit. Teaching yourself a language is awesome!

(total double quote pairs in this hastily assembled blog entry: 5. New record?)