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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Birthday to Blog

Congratulations, Mainlyaboutfood! You turned one a couple days ago. This time last year, posts were numerous, recipes were delicious, and complaining was ubiquitous. Now? Your blogger posts perhaps twice a week, frequently survives on Morningstar Farms fake meat products, and actually likes his life.

Being that the original trends/themes of this site are now at the best nascent, or at the worst gone, there's one logical option: infanticide.

In exactly eight weeks, I am going to kill this blog. The time has come. Previous ideas like "islamablog" (cute, but geographically limiting) have also been tabled. A new blog -- this time also announced to my parents -- will debut in its place, and will detail my travels and travails in South Asia and various airport lounges. Name suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Please, nothing that involves any part of my real name: anonymity, once impossible, is now preferred.