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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gone Way Up to Mars

As I sat down to read super-interesting Immigrant Visa Law this afternoon (sidenote: man, this stuff is awful. I never realized the fine differences between "child" and "son," and how the U.S. government runs one of the few lotteries where you pay them (sidesidenote: "In Capitalist America, Winner Pays Lottery!")) I decided that instead of a CD I'd enjoy some of the fine music offered up by DirecTV. Imagine the surprise when I clicked over to channel 800 and saw that as of yesterday, DirecTV had teamed up with XM Radio. No more intuitive channel titles like "Classic R&B" or "Adult Alternative (Uncensored)" -- instead, now we have Fred, Ethel, Lucy, and Fish.

For the last half hour the new radio options have proved fairly entertaining. The DJ on "Soul Street" is entertaining, the metal channel played my favorite Tool song, and unlike the old DirecTV music stations, the actual names of the songs showed up just as song began instead of thirty seconds in. This move by the two companies is certainly smart marketing. Were I a more frequent driver, I would probably consider subscribing. But I doubt that you can get satellite radio in Pak. Of course, cell phone use has probably spread to the FATA, sp I might be wrong. For all I know Opie and Anthony are incredibly popular over there.