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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Girlfight Ends with One Woman Dead, One Iraqi Livid

Arrrgggh. Lost!!! Now where am I going to get my Maggie Grace fix? The internet kind of works, and yeah, her character was a spoiled brat. But she was a spoiled brat with issues, my favorite kind.

That said, loved it. I was spoiler free and didn't know someone was going to bite it before Catherine blogged about it, and even then I was skeptical. But the whispers! The, err, Walt-spers! And no annoyingly long-winded Party of Five guy. As long as they have some Kate to compensate, I'll be happy. She's hotter -- the fact that she can shoot guarantees that. Jury's still out on the tail ender with the gun skills; will evaluate after they clean up a little. Jeez, just cuz it's a deserted island doesn't mean you can't wash a little, people.