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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Deserves a Quiet Night

In other, more personal news:

The personal terror alert level has reached the Zen-like level of "Acceptance of the Complete and Utter Fear that Consumes Every Day." What do I do with my car? When will I have time to cash out a portion of the old 401K and pay off my debt, rolling the rest over? Do I keep some of my crappy furniture for when I return or just purge? As far as the latter, I'm leaning towards a grand purge. Tutoring is over and not a second too soon; if I had to keep that crap up, I'd really be up the proverbial creek. Of course, I have yet to receive my travel orders, which makes things a bit more complex. There are a few plusses on the horizon, the tops being some trips back to Perry Hall to drop off possessions that I'd rather not keep in storage but want to save nonetheless -- and valuable time relaxing with the parents (who knew, I find time with Mr. and Mrs. G relaxing now). Books are highest on this list. Still need to confirm this arrangement with the 'rents but I think they won't mind.

The car is the other big thing on my mind. It's certainly not traveling with me, and Reenee doesn't get back into the States until June. She won't have permission to retrieve the car from storage and frankly, I'd rather not put it there. This needs serious thought, and I don't want to sell.

Dinners of late have been good. Went to Ceviche in Silver Sprung (what the heck is that kind of space doing there, anyway?) with Audrey Monday night, which was tasty. Unfortunately, the service was maddeningly slow and I wanted to throttle someone by the end of the meal. Had Indique with Katie on Sunday night and spent too much money on good food and even better wine. Brunch at the Bombay Club Sunday -- moderate quality, but great company. A very nice homemade dinner Saturday consisting of a tomato sauce made from scratch (tomatoes, onion, garlic, anchovies, chili flakes, Valipolcella) and served with chicken and artichoke sausage, asparagus, and linguine. The cooking is beginning again, albeit slowly, and I'm back at the gym with some regularity after developing a healthy layer of diplofat during A-100.

Still. The horror, the horror. Waking up in the middle of the night, every night -- not because of the usual insomnia, but because of some nagging nightmares. Maybe it's time to investigate OTC remedies for this situation. But of course, this is stubborn Kanishka. For the time being, I'm powering through.

Less than three months until I depart. Despite my subconscious, I hope that things work out smoothly. Inshallah.