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Friday, October 28, 2005


South Asian Politics. Wow. My first course after A-100 has been with Stephen Dachi, a distinguished former FSO who has catapulted himself into my top-ten lecturer list. We listen to him for seven hours a day (roughly) and he is phenomenal, working off few notes, cracking the class up with some great off-color statements and anecdotes, and providing Kissinger-esque realpolitick insights into the world of South Asia. I thought I knew a little about South Asian Politics, but I was wrong. It's a startling world of living history and illogic that no two week course can do justice to, but Dachi is trying. It's definitely fascinating stuff, though some of his insights into Pakistan are a little scary.

We spent an hour today on Afghanistan, in which we learned that it's basically a libertarian's dream. Hey you Unabomber/militia types? Why are you still in America? Move to Kandahar or Herat -- no taxes, no gun control, little central government, and now that pesky Taliban is gone. Sure your wives might not like it as much, but they can learn to deal.

More on South Asia later. I just looked at the clock and beer calls.