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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mixed Nuts

1. Obligatory Food Content II
Kaz Sushi Bistro served up a pretty fine omakase sushi dinner on Saturday night. Highlights included fatty tuna with foie gras, sweet shrimp with tapioca pearls, and a piece of Japanese eggplant that was surprising. It's going to cost you a touch more than Kotobuki (by touch I mean a lot, friends) but I was splurging and it was worth it. 180 ml carafe of sake, omakase sushi plate (6 nigiri plus a roll), $45 with tax and (a big) tip.

2. State and Main
We're fast approaching the end of our time at A-100. The end of week 5 (Friday!) marks the beginning of a sea change in what occurs in class. That's (natch) because of Flag Day, but also because with our flags will come myriad different assignments, breaking the hundred-odd of us into smaller groups studying everything from motor pool operations to Amharic. It's kind of sad, really -- but we'll have happy hours to keep us together.

But what about in specific, you ask? Well, yesterday I had my Bengali test (did okay, half a grade less than I was hoping), took a trip to the Pentagon, and hosted a panel on counterterrorism at Main State. It was a pretty stressful day in terms of movement alone, though I am proud to say I believe I have the layout of the first floor of Foggy Bottom down. Tomorrow we have some lectures and a seminar on child abduction issues (a big deal for consular work, which we'll all have to do).

(deleted: the part where I wax rhapsodic about work and all that is good with it in comparison to the previous job, blah blah blah. I'm going to put a moratorium on that, thanks)

3. Famous for DC and Perhaps Otherwise
Monday afternoon I walked by Karl Rove in Main State (no, I did not hit/yell at/throw projectiles at him, sorry, to do so would probably be a violation). And yesterday a colleague and I saw George Will at the front desk waiting to get in. Haha, sucker: I got a badge.

4. Looking to the Future
God bless the American Government and its continued support for Italian AmericanColumbus Day. That means Monday for sleeping in and Sunday for some more partying. It's really my duty as a good American. Numerous parties seem to be dotting this weekend, as well as tutoring duties (which I am quickly getting tired of).

Also, I need to go on a run to purchase more ties. I have not repeated a tie through all of A-100 and may have enough to get me through next week without dipping into the novelty tie collection -- but Week 7 may be a challenge. Never thought I'd enjoy these nooses so much, but the ladies, they love them. Impetus enough to search for that perfect cravate.