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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Little Service, Inshallah

There are bad times to go to a Pakistani restaurant, like just after sundown during Ramadan. Those devout Moslems love their iftar and eat like woah. Of course, I had forgotten this when I suggested to the rest of the Pak Pack that we dine at Ravi Kabob Monday night. Cold, rainy, a perfect night for some kabob action -- but alas, the restaurant was more crowded than the great mosque during the Hajj (not that I'd know; am not allowed, have only seen pictures, and man is it crowded).

But the food, it was worth it. Damn good kabobs, and the rest of the Pakistan group concurred. I had the lamb chop, which was good, but made better by the delicious yogurt dipping sauce and a cool Maaza on the side. The naan was blisteringly hot, and the selection was far greater than Food Factory. However: the customer service was decidedly lacking. The servers would put your food on the counter, yell your number offhand, and then wander away. If you don't pay attention, or if the restaurant is even slightly loud (and during this particular iftar it was), you're close to SOL. So bring a wing man to watch for the both of you.

I'd rate Ravi Kabob a step below Food Factory because of service issues. The food was slightly better, though the naan is better at FF. The selection is wider, but not having tried anything more than the bone in lamb chop I can't comment. The prices are a bit higher, but the portions are much bigger. Location is a trump -- but it depends, here, on where you are. It's walking distance from FSI so I may be back after Ramadan ends.

In other news, my personal terror alert level is nearing "bloodcurdling." There's so much to do before January, and a number of people (important people) have not been in touch with me in regards to some rather vital concerns. In the mean time I'm occupying myself with thoughts of cleaning, though certainly not the real thing right now (pshaw). My tutoring is most likely over, alhumdullilah, leaving me some more time on the weekends for the regular tasks. But still: this is the big drawback to being a local and moving so soon. I have not the foggiest where to start as far as what to toss, what to keep, and frankly, where to start.