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Monday, September 26, 2005

Soapy Soup

It's been fun to watch my readership plummet due to my complete lack of blogging. Chalk being MIA up to the fact that I'm no longer in a cubicle and not in front of a computer often. We're on a rare 15 minute break right now, having just had a rather interesting lecture from the Director General of the FS.

It's impossible to encapsulate the last weeks via a non-verbal medium. The best way is the mantra I came up with this weekend: it's amazing to move from a job to a career. The people, the training... the only real bad part about this whole dilly is that we're ridiculously overcrowded in a teeny room. Really, I'm not feeling any other negatives.

Unrelated: the Tom Yum soup at Spices tastes like lemon pledge, and if you have a chance to buy a Mr. Stripey tomato from Cinda Sebastian at Eastern Market, I highly recommend it.

Maybe I'll actually start cooking again at some point... but dudes, no time now. Balancing happy hours and culinary pursuits is hard yo.