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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sensitive but not Confidential

Hi everyone. I know I promised a blog entry about my first day at State, but the truth is everything is jumping around in my head like Mexican jumping beans. Appropriate considering that 20% of our bid list is Mexican. Who know my decision to not learn Spanish was actually helpful?

So yeah, the day. What a long, long, long, stressful, awesome, long day. Did I mention how awesomely long it was? But it really was something. There's alot I'd like to say but no way to express it without relative diarrhea of the blog.

One thing looks pretty certain, and that's the fact that soon(ish) I'll be headed to a certain third world country beloved by George Harrison and not-so-coincidentally my ancestral home. This isn't a lock but it's as close as anything is at ItDependsiversity. But I'll know for sure Oct. 11. Maybe I'll put a list of my high bids up at some point. That, friends, is still TBD.

And being a suit kind of rocks now that it's not hot as heck.