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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Le Deuxieme Semaine

So week two is over, punctuated by an fantastic dinner that I cannot adequately describe in prose and a happy hour well attended and extremely fun. The stress of the last two weeks was palpable as my classmates and I prepared our bid lists, turning in a list of missions around the world we'd love to work for. I posted an early draft of this list, but here are the final "High" posts:

Addis Ababa
Kuala Lumpur
New Delhi

For those who don't know, the 126th A-100 class (that's us) will find out where they are going on October 11th in a peculiar little ceremony known as "Flag Day". A miniature flag representing the nation of a particular post is held up. The peanut gallery yells out the name of the country, the MC announces the job and who the lucky person will be. Before that point very few Junior Officers know for sure where their first tour will take them. I really cannot wait.

This week was also a little odd as I had a rare sleep in day Thursday, my French test yesterday, and a bunch of lectures that ranged from interesting to godawful boring. I was very nervous about the French test, since I haven't spoken francais since 2002 -- and haven't formally studied the language since 1999. But seven years later, my basic reading remains at the intermediate level, though my spoken is, in a world, pathetic. No matter; I'm happy my reading is still strong.

Next week: two days in DC training and then off to the wilds of West Virginia and The Woods for fun and frolic. But more immediately, time for food in my belly and the market.