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Monday, September 12, 2005

Contemplating Blog Name Change

Do you remember your first week at college, or in a new city, or that study abroad trip that after the first week had you absolutely bubbling over with stories of complete awesomeness and utter terror that you were so totally sure your friends would totally want to hear about? And then you wrote an email/made a phone call/(for you early adopters) wrote a blog entry and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CARED. Yeah, well I'm trying to avoid that. For example, do you care that today I took the ridiculously hard MLAT? Probably not. And you couldn't care less about the fact that I know no less than 20-some Pickering Fellows, am learning how to write a diplomatic cable tomorrow, reconfirmed the fact that I'm an ENTP, and am basically back in a college-type environment -- except I'm wearing a suit, amongst a group that ranges in age from 23 to 51, and oh yeah, getting paid to do this.

It's nuts. Really, there's nothing else to describe it. A new lesson, and new insights, every day. It's been a while since I've had this much fun, been this (productively) busy, worked with so little sleep but so much energy, and met a group of talented, amazing people. Though frankly, there's no reason you should care. It's quickly becoming clear that I'm moving swiftly into the world of esoterica. Not that that's a particularly bad thing (if the shoe fits...)

Life is such that I'm not cooking nearly as much, and all my pathetically defined regular patterns are being disrupted. Despite this (I was at one point a rather unexpected fan of rigid structure) things are very good, if a little unsettled. Wednesday our first draft of the dread Bid List is due, after which we meet with our CDOs (Career Development Officers) to discuss where in the world we'll be. Though Dhaka looks like a distinct possibility, I'll still try to make a pitch for some other, more interesting destinations (though Dhaka ain't bad).

And I think I've spent more time in Virginia over the last week or so than ever before in my life. This, I'm not so happy about.