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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This Forearm Burrito Trend

So last Thursday I was faced with the dangerous combination of a ridiculous rush, a suffering wallet, and an empty stomach. Stranded with a half hour to kill in Cleveland Park I decided that just this once I'd check out California Tortilla. Now chain fast food I can deal with, but since I've really got no love for Chipotle (never saw the point) I was skeptical about "CalTor" (as my student refers to it). The menu options, however, looked promising, and the plain fact of it was that I needed food, I needed it fast, and I needed it cheap.

(normally when teaching in CP I take advantage of the restaurants. But times are tight now people. Sorry. Return to Palena, Dino, etc. to come sometime in the future)

If you click on the company's website, you'll see that they are a smaller than average chain, and seem to have a healthy sense of humor. The music in the joint was kicking out hot 80s jams (never a bad thing) and the staff were pretty friendly. Food came out slower than at McBurrito, but maybe that was because it took me a few listens before I understood the heavily accented and heavily distorted "83!!!" over the loudspeaker.

The burrito was superior to anything I've ever had at Chipotle; yes, forearm sized, drippy with filler, all that good stuff. The flavor I requested was "buffalo chicken fajita" and tasted nothing of buffalo, or of the related-by-three-degrees vinegary wing sauce I love so much. Probably because in mixing with the black beans, the sauce turned some shade of purple. But it was good nonetheless. Not outstanding, but as circumstances are similar today I may have to return. Please God don't let this become a habit.

Yes, I know. The Well Dressed Burrito. This is the problem with not working downtown (or in town for that matter): no Breadline, no Galileo grill, no WDB. As I'll be in the wasteland of Foggy Bottom occasionally next month, I'll try to broaden my lunch horizons via Metroing about, promise.