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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Somebody's Watching Me

For thoughts on everything but the food at Zola, head on over to Catherine's Blog, where she sums up everything well. Man, I haven't had that kind of service in many restaurants. The guy seemed genuinely happy to be serving eight 20 somethings that showed up staggered. Probably helped that we all got booze. I was drinking girlie cocktails in fanciful colors all night and they were delish.

Zola's neat, and the decor is certainly hip and with it. I just wish the menu had a more fanciful, spy theme. You know, entrées with secret (agent) ingredients, amuse bouches served on magnifying glasses, maybe a dessert menu that's in code.

Wait, that's a stupid idea. Never mind guys, keep your restaurant just as it is.

Side question: when you think "wow, I spent alot on that meal" how much money is it usually?