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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Post Poste Postcard

Dear Good People at Poste and the Hotel Monaco,

First, I'd like to thank you for a lovely meal last night. My dining companion and I enjoyed your takes on French cuisine, both classic (escargots, braised rabbit with tagliatelle and chanterelle mushrooms) and modern (softshell crab on a bed of fennel, kobe beef tartare on a brioche). My personal favorite dish of the meal was the beef tartare, which was truly delicious. At $11, it's more expensive than the Palena burger, but it tastes like another gastronomic "essay" on what beef can be.

One quibble -- one that has been echoed by some other recent diners. I know you have an open kitchen, and that staff work in long sleeved shirts, ties, and vests. However, your diners are entering the restaurant from 90-100 degree weather, dressed for the outside. And as good as your food may be, sitting for two hours in 60 degree air conditioning, underneath a vent that is constantly blowing cold air, is just uncomfortable. Well, worse than uncomfortable -- at some point, it reaches the level of frustrating before going directly to annoying. If you could, it would be nice to reduce the air conditioning a bit. Unless you're trying to make the rabbit dish seem more seasonal than it actually is. In that case, smart work.



PS: I hope you found my sunglasses!