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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mainly About Fake Food

As previous posts mention, I'm a big fan of Morningstar Farms, the possibly-Satanist Kellogs subsidiary that churns out fake meat products that, IMHO, make Boca products look very crappy in comparison. Last night, as a result of general laziness and malaise, I tried the MSFarms Buffalo "wings" on a relatively pleasing Buffalo Chicken Salad-type thingy. They were good, though they needed much Crystal hot sauce to get up to the required tanginess/spiciness level. The fake chicken had a fairly close texture to the real deal, though they weren't wings by a long shot

Which makes me wonder -- why not try to make fake bones for the fake chicken? One of my personal favorite parts of eating wings is getting every bit off of the bone. It would be a challenge for the leading lights in food science to create viable fake bones, or indeed faux meat that actually sticks the way wing meat usually does, but I think it would be an interesting effort. Hear me, food scientists? Get on that, and let me know how it goes.