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Monday, August 15, 2005

It's Like I'm Handing You Money

A pleasant hangover spawned a million dollar idea that, instead of implementing myself, I'm just going to post on the internet for tens of tens to steal. It's not even a terribly innovative idea, and I'm certain it exists somewhere... but not in Metro D.C. That idea: A breakfast delivery service.

You can get lunch or dinner in a number of different cuisines delivered to your door with just a phone call. But I've never seen or heard of a restaurant that delivers bagels with lox or pancakes or cinnamon rolls right to your door. But I can see it. Imagine, rolling over, head throbbing, ravenous for grease but unable to gather the motivation to walk more than ten feet. So you pick up your phone, call "Breakfast in Bed" (business name can be changed) and order hasbrowns, bacon, and two eggs scrambled with cheddar cheese. 30 minutes later, someone knocks on your door, you stumble out in your robe, exchange grunts and currency, and you've got the lard and B vitamins to wake your weary head.

There are some difficulties to this proposition. Delivering eggs sunny side up, for example. A general lack of weekday business provides. Difficulty in obtaining permits for delivering Bloody Marys. But I still think this is a venture that should be explored. If anyone decides to jump on the bandwagon, let me know, and we'll discuss options. Over brunch, obviously.