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Monday, August 01, 2005

It All Comes Back to My Stomach

Back in the early spring of 2004 I was going through a phase of dating as many different women as possible. We're talking an average of 3-4 dates with different women a month. Like many serial daters, I used a billion different methods for "getting" said dates -- bars, friends, the internets in all their wonder -- and rarely had what some would define as "success." No big deal, really. I was having fun and forming the beginnings of my restaurant obsession. Of course I met my fair share of, shall we say, interesting women, but this is about one first date that didn't go horribly awry, but had fairly long lasting affects on me.

I put a fairly innocuous Craigslist ad up one afternoon. Craigslist? Sure, why not. It was free, I thought it would be fun (fun enough to try again). From what I remember, one important element of the post was that the woman had to be a fan of things foodie. Well, one response stood out -- a young California transplant who I found out later had a voicemail message that actually said "leave your name, number, and the last great meal you had and I'll get back to you." Cool, I thought. When we finally met up, I found out some other things about her. She was learning Bengali (no, she wasn't Indian) and preparing for a job in Dhaka -- a job with the Foreign Service.

Thus the seeds were planted for what, more than two years later, has been my next big life move. Our date ended nicely enough, though we never went out again. But the next day, I hopped on the internet and signed up for the summer Foreign Service Written Exam. One thing led to another, and now, here I am.

(I say the seeds were planted, but that's not entirely true. I had signed up for the test once before, senior year of college, but never took them. I think that was because of a hangover.)

So, here's to you, girl whose name I don't remember. I hope Bangladesh is treating you well. Though our brunch at Bistro du Coin was nice enough, the chemistry just wasn't there. Despite that, you had a serious impact on my life. I barely remember what you look like, but you remain a fond memory.