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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Goin' on a Holiday

Not really. But the last few days have been spent being practically on a holiday. Friday night was Sonoma, where we enjoyed a few too many glasses of wine and a really big three course meal. The highlights: an heirloom pepper bruschetta with goat cheese, which had a spicy kick to it seemingly out of left field. The shmear of goat cheese was heavier than expected, and the bread wasn't exactly crisp -- necessitating the use of silverware. Still, it was quite delicious and a surprise. But the best plate of the night was the first, a massive charcuterie plate with speck, prosciutto, and Amish chicken pate. The pate was the standout -- rich and delicious, unexpectedly so. The accents (pickled onions, pickled figs, whole grain mustard) added some interesting flavors, though the blackberry compote was comparatively flavorless. We ordered a ton of food, but the bill wasn't too bad given the amount. I'm glad I went back and look forward to returning again.

Other than that, the fooding has not been particularly exciting. I've been tying up loose ends at work, and I'll finally take some time and fix my laptop tonight. This weekend is open save for a party Saturday; hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep. Oh, and I start tutoring again Thursday, so Cleveland Park you best be on the lookout.

Back to work. 61 more hours.