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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Eternal Sunshine of the Wandering Mind

Man, concentration is ebbing for me. Kind of wish I had taken off a week earlier than announced and sat on my ass relaxing for a bit. Could have spent days wandering the DC, getting lunch at downtown spots I haven't been able to hit (number three worst thing about this job: location location location) and in general taking some semblance of a vacation. But nooooo. Instead, I sit hear working on onerous tasks I wouldn't want to hand off to myself as an office newbie four-odd years ago.

Sorry -- you want food content? How's this -- the very funny DonRockwell.com thread on horrific dining experiences. Can't say I've had many pure meals (that is, not like my contribution which was just drinks -- though I could go on about bars I'll never step in again) that inspire such feelings, but some of these situations are really quite funny. I'm especially amused by instances where diners find really odd things in their food. Hair? Fingernails? Heck, even metal shavings don't seem that odd. But teeth? Or crowns? How in the world does that happen? If someone can proffer an explanation for how someone loses part of their mouth in someones pasta primavera, I'd love to hear it.