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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Clearly the Best Europe Song

So it's countdown week over here at MAF central. Many different endings coming, mostly good but some poignant. But also about a jillion things to look forward to. Most notably:

-- There are less than 13 work days until I leave this cube forever. My motivation is exponentially approaching the limit of zero.

-- 19 days until I get this ridiculous facial hair removed. Yeah, it's nice now, but just wait until this time next week, when I'll be something closer to a mountain man. No one wants to see that.

-- 21 says until the first welcome party and 22 until I start training for the new gig. I get a little less nervous with every odd day, which is good because with every even day I get nervous twice-over. Also, 22 days until the fabled bid list, after which, dear readers, you'll be party to the agonizing process of me deciding what third world country I want to live in for two years.

-- 29 days until SCREEECH

Apologies for coming to a halt, but I'm blogging in real time here, people. See that first countdown item? Well, let's put it this way: I am extremely happy about that number right now. Here's a word of advice to anyone who wants to work in publishing: Do not work where I work. There are some serious bad business practices going on here. More Office Space (the management at Initech, not the employees) than Enron, and soul crushing at the current moment. It's never been this bad, and it's certainly a good time to be leaving.