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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


How slow has this month been? Good god, it's creeping by at a snail's pace. That's what happens, I guess, when the news slows down and folks hit the road.

Computer hardware has been upgraded and I now am working on a fully operational, bug free box. Didn't lose much to speak of either. Helps to not be a poweruser of any sort; it was all basically MP3s, and most of the rare ones are backed up. Next up: a wireless card, an iPod.

Cooking is again on hiatus just because; despite prior complaints about the month's slowness, I have been keeping rather busy. And living on leftovers, which sadly ended last night. Saturday morning I'm off to the market to replenish. Fall is coming -- squash, apples, root veggies. It's braising time, and the wine will soon be red again. Friends, some of you may be lucky enough to get some of my pot roast served with celery root... but I guess it's still not cold enough for that. Maybe I'll roast a chicken next week.