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Sunday, August 28, 2005


I 1000% planned on going to Catherine's last night for her goodbye party. I had clothes picked out, a drop in at Ollie's Trolley planned, the whole nine yards. Around 7 I thought "hmm, maybe I'll take a little nap". And... how obvious is this?... I just woke up. 13 hours later.

So I missed what was apparently a good party. Bummer, but there will be others. The greater result here is the formulation of a masterful exit strategy. This small incident will be the beginning of a larger plan, one in which I don't exactly leave DC as much as gradually fade away. Leaving people with only vague memories of my existence, like a fleeting fever dream, ethereal wisps of someone they knew, somewhere, somewhen. The effort, at the very least, could be interesting.