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Friday, July 29, 2005

Turning Green (or Grey)

Here's the easiest way to make me extremely angry short of being mean to Reenee (only I'm allowed to do that): say something pejorative about my race. To wit, read the first comment on my latest DCist post to see a prime example.

I love cowardly white people who hide behind pseudonyms and spout trash. It's a testament to a person's upbringing. And seriously, can't you be more creative than using "off the boat" as a euphemism for an immigrant? Most immigrants eschewed using boats as conveyance years ago. If you showed some sort of creativity in your insults -- maybe referring to H1 visas, or call centers, or something with more current relevance to the issue -- I'd be just as insulted, but also slightly impressed by the expression of basic intelligence.