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Friday, July 15, 2005


Beer at Trustys
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Sorry, haven't blogged in a while. Since Grass left, we've radically restructured the way DCist works. It's more decentralized, and a little more time consuming -- but worth it. It's becoming a more collaborative effort, and (sorry to go all meta blog on you, my four dedicated readers) post pacing, advance planning, and intrastaff communication have become well structured. My current wishlist for the site includes a monuments writer and another newsblogger. There are feelers out there for the latter, but if, on the off chance, there's a reader of this blog that would be interested in the former, please leave a comment.

Also in DCist stuff, check out the inaugural Coalition of the Swilling! If you've got bars you'd like covered, leave a comment in the post.

Last night Audrey and I checked out La Lomita on 13th and Penn. A totally non-descript place serving good, solid food. Nothing to write to your congressman about, but nothing to write the health department about either. One problem: I wish they had more clearly delineated smoking and non-smoking sections.

Weekend dining outlook: cloudy.