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Friday, July 01, 2005

Mixed Nuts

Quite the mental bouillabaise today. I'm riding the warm and fuzzies for all the DCist love (thanks Judy!), vague nervousness about the coming nuclear summer, and a mix of panic and anticipation for what will probably be a ridiculous party Sunday. Like woah.

Last night Martin, Rob, and I went to Oohhs and Aahhs for dinner. We sat upstairs and despite the unexpectedly long wait for food, everything was pretty darn awesome. The blackened catfish was so spicy and so good -- I definitely want to get some more of that. Normally when I get something blackened, the spice level is okay but requires some hot sauce to keep it going. Not this fish... so so so good. Three "so"s people! This place is fo'rilla. I was also charmed by the service; it seems clear that Oohhs and Aahhs hires local, and what the food runner lacked in polish he abundantly made up for in politeness and attention.

There will be many more people coming to the house Sunday than anticipated. Nice. Hey lurkers, how much food do you think is needed for like 40 people? So far, I'm buying 2 chickens and probably 5 lbs. of meat for burgers. Also around 15 sausages, a dozen eggs to devil, vegetarian grilling options (probably portabello 'shrooms and eggplant), and a dozen ears of corn. Am wondering if that is enough. Am nervous that it won't be. I've seen my friends eat. They're animals.