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Thursday, July 07, 2005

MetaBlogging the London Bombings

Not much to blog about except the ever interesting meta-blogging. Recommended (other than the obvious Londonist) are the Guardian's news blog and the Flickr photo pool. The latter has some rather morbid and/or darkly funny pictures. For example, this image. Utilizing a combination of MSPaint and Flickr to communicate with your friends in the wake of disaster... wow. In a utilitarian sense, I guess when mobile lines are jammed (as they are in London, apparently) all of a sudden the 'net becomes the quickest method of communication. But to me, this is a marriage of a clumsy standard application and a fairly elegant website to result in something approaching profundity.

Updated to Add: This is in no way to trivialize what happened today. It's an incredibly sad day, and on reading back I realize my off the cuff statements seem to trivialize things a bit -- which is not my intention. This is all very, very scary and as many of you know, a part of my heart has long been in London, especially in the areas around Aldgate East and King's Cross/St. Pancras station. Prayers for all affected...