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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

In Retrospect

Food Almost Gone
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The party was great. Very crowded, lots of randoms making up for some people not showing *coughcoughcertaincoworkerscough*. Also, fireworks, an 8:30 beer run that turned into having no beers left at 11, nice comments on the new place and the food... I really like this apartment. Though I really didn't like the hangover, the hangover hangover, and the fact that I couldn't move my shoulders this morning.

But all that is okay. This was the first party, and ambitious. Next time I'll probably go for smaller menus, maybe more interesting food with less guests. I'm still kinda scared, but would love to grill a whole fish. And scallops. And if I could find them, softshells (I know they're around, I'm just lazy). But for now, I'm looking forward to a weekend where I get my sit on.