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Monday, July 11, 2005

Fish Evaluated

Below is my photo log of cooking Bacon wrapped trout. I realized later I hadn't posted my thoughts on the meal. One thing I don't know how to do yet is incorporate multiple flickr images onto a blogger blog well. I'll have to, you know, study or something for that.

Anyway, I'm not sure how to do this right and I'm currently annoyed at how crappy my camera is. But seriously: finished product later in the blog, or first, telling people to scroll down? That whole "scroll down, read down, scroll up" routine is straight up played.

But enough of that. The trout was good, not great. As mentioned earlier, the savory was a little too strong and the flavor of lemon -- probably because I bought one of inferior quality -- wasn't that evident. But the fish and the bacon matched fairly well, and any meal is made better with the addition of corn.

Next up: some party attendees will remember the pork and pineapple appetizer I made. Tomorrow, I swing that baby main-course style, in a dish I like to call "delicious pork and pineapple thing made up after seeing a show about dry rubs and realizing there was leftover pineapple in the crisper."