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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Drink This

2004 Margan Shiraz Saignee
Originally uploaded by Kanishka.
Enjoyed a bottle of rose last night. And when I say enjoy, I mean savored every last drop as if it was the last bit of booze left on the continent. If it wasn't 11:30 and if I weren't drunk, I would have gone to Schneiders and purchased another bottle.

Oh yeah, as the title of the image says, this is a bottle of Margan Family 2004 Shiraz Saignee. I'll probably write a DCist entry about it Monday. This stuff is totally and utterly the wine of summer. Two more months of heat to enjoy it -- so get drinkin', people.

(For those who have an aversion to pink wine: try this. You'll change your mind.)