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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Things Early Morning TV Has Taught Me

Caught in another insomniacal (word?) maelstrom, I caught some mad crazy TV Friday at 5:30 AM. One show on PBS has an awesome name like "Adventures in Bonzi's Kitchen" or something. The chef, the eponymous Bonzi, led viewers with his odd unplaceable accent through many kitchen basics. I didn't learn much (though of course I still watched) but did pick up one nice tidbit: looking to get that smell of garlic off your fingers? Try rubbing them on a piece of stainless steel. I've done this a couple of times using my sink and it totally works. Very interesting. Anyone know why stainless steel has this property?

Not recommended: chewing on stainless steel to freshen your breath. Trust me, don't do it.