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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Steak Retrospective

Sunday afternoon I went to the market to see what they had left. It was just past 3 in the afternoon, so there was a strong possibility that all the good stuff was gone. But, in a pleasant surprise, I saw that Union Meat Co. had a good slection of New York strips remaining. They were a tad pricey -- something like $11.99 a pound -- so I went for the one that looked the smallest. Of course, the eyes failed me and I ended up purchasing a $10 steak.

A delicious $10 steak.

With such a good looking piece of meat (about an inch and a half thick, nicely marbled) I elected to go the simple route. After rubbing on some Kosher salt, some Adobo and massaging the spices in, I dripped on some Worcestershire sauce and let the thing sit for about four hours, turning twice. In the meantime I shucked some corn and made some salad dressing. Simple and summery, that was the goal of the meal.

I fired up one burner of the grill and let the temperature rise to about 250 before dropping on the steak. The cooking was an easy seven minutes on each side -- giving the beef fantastic looking grill marks and cooking the interior to a medium-medium rare. Served it all with some good bi-color corn and an arugula and mesclun salad dressed in a cider vinaigrette.

The weather was sweltering, the corn sweet and crunchy, the steak tender enough to cut with a butter knife. I sat back on the couch and watched the Simpsons, taking my time to savor the pleasure of a simply prepared steak cooked over an open fire.

The perfect summer dinner.