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Monday, June 13, 2005


As predicted, dining in the Gateway City was mediocre. There was one meal, however, that was ridiculously good, mostly due to the price, environs, quantity, and quality. If you're in the mood to horrify your Atkinsy friends and walk around with a distended stomach for a few days, witness the wonder that is Cunetto House of Pasta. See the dinner menu? What the website fails to note is that all entrées come with a complimentary salad, side of homemade pasta, and glass of wine -- for $10-12. Seriously.

I went with the filet of sole Romano. Fish and cheese? A perfectly cromulent combination after my dinner at Cunetto, though I have to say I never imagined that a fish dish could be so heavy. Served with a side of homemade pasta with meat sauce and a tossed salad with a ton of dressing, I slowly began to understand why Missourians are so obese. People, this was a lot lot lot of food. My companions either had absurdly large bowls of pasta (their puttanesca was a hit) or liberal servings of veal, and we washed everything down with a Barbera D'Asti and a CabSav, both selling for under $35. After paying the ridiculously low bill, I tried to stand up a little too quickly and git kind of dizzy. I had that wonderful feeling that real homey Italian restaurants are experts at dishing out: food drunk.

Cunetto is no pretty thing. This is an old school Italian place, a converted rowhouse with family pictures adorning the walls. Service was gruff but competent, dinner served on plates you have in your dining room, stemware about as boring and normal as you can get. But at those prices, there's no real need for pretense. I kind of wish we had that sort of restaurant in DC. I guess Two Amy's comes close, but in the sea of Galileo's and Sette Osteria's, a real down-home Italian restaurant with homemade pasta and awesomely cheap prices would be a welcome addition to DC. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening except perhaps in the suburbs.

More St. Lunatic blogging later. I did have some other meals that were notable for various reasons. Teaser -- toasted ravioli is pretty good, and I found more examples of stupid food.

Also: The title of this entry is my top contender for worst oblique pun ever on this blog.