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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


What's the big deal about Indique's tamarind margarita? Multiple people -- including some gastronauts that are rather picky -- had recommended it to me, but the one I had last night was just disappointing. The flavor of tamarind was there, but it was overwhelmed by the sour mix. And the thing got very gritty at the bottom.

Yeah, okay, it didn't help that I spilled half the contents of my first one all over our table. It was tiny, and tiny tables plus small plates inevitably leads to spillage, droppage, or possibly even death. But next time I drink at Indique I think I'll opt for the pomegranate martini.

Also, the creaking sounds of the Cleveland Park metro escalator? Beats any roaming violinist in a Parisian bistro as truly romantic aural accompaniment to a meal.