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Monday, June 13, 2005

Hey, That's My Bar

This was written for DCist, but conflicts of interest unrelated to me forced pulling the story. Hence the royal -ist "we" and the background. I couldn't in good conscience not post the story somewhere, so here you are.

Normally we try to stay away from old gossip, but when it hits close to home we can't help but bring it up. So when we heard that someone from the A-plus list stopped by our local tav Friday evening, we were tickled. It's not every day the bar where you drink away your evenings is mobbed by secret service agents.

Tunnicliff's Tavern, according to some holders of the oldest liquor license in D.C., hosted an engagement party Friday night for Tony Rodham, brother of Hilary Clinton. We were unable to track down information on the bride-to-be, but apparently she met Rodham at the Capitol Hill watering hole. Rodham was divorced from his first wife Nicole (daughter of Senator Barbara Boxer (D.-Cal)) in 2000.

For the engagement, Rodham rented out Tunni's and closed it to the public. 96 people were in attendance, stuffing the bar to capacity. Sources report that the former President and his wife were in good spirits, though predictably mobbed by the crowd. Clinton was noticably skinnier than in his presidential years, most likely still recovering from his heart surgery a few months ago. Their retinue also included five secret service agents who were probably not enjoying pints of Pilsner Urquell. Though he may have enjoyed some wine, our source tells us that Clinton drank Diet Coke, at least when ordering from the bar. Though specific figures were unavailable we're told that the Tavern pulled in a tidy sum. The party also explains the bar's massive facelift, with the walls repainted, the back room floors replaced, tres-chic Warhol-esque art on the walls, and the bathrooms remodeled with new ventilation fans. Good thing; we doubt Mr. and Mrs. Clinton would have enjoyed the trademark Tunni's bathroom smell.