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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Food Battles

Good god have I eaten a lot of good meals lately. For a basic rundown on Pazo, I direct you hither. My brief and flagrantly incomplete review is at the end of the comment thread.

Last night was dinner at Spices, wherein I consumed probably a ten pounds of sushi in the interest of continuing my ongoing feud with temperance. This latest battle in the feud was a tough one. I ordered a dragon roll (lobster, avocado, random crunchiness, spicy sauce), a fresh crabmeat roll w/avocado, and two pieces of nigiri (steak tartare and yellowtail). Think maki normally comes out in sets of six? So did I. But the Gods of Moderation had a tough challenge in line for me, and the plate that was passed over the sushi station was massive -- with ten pieces of dragon roll, eight crabmeat rolls, the two nigiri pieces, and a mysterious gratis piece of nigiri that I couldn't identify. Many of you have probably had that moment: your eyes are bigger than your stomach, but you refuse to be beaten by the plate. So take a deep breath and go slow -- this is gonna be a tough fight.

Tough, but delicious. The steak tartare nigiri was first piece to go down. Not really tartare -- more like a rare slice of steak atop some rice. Delicious, with a nice oniony accent hidden somewhere in there. The crab roll was good but not great; the flavor of the crab wasn't particularly assertive. The dragon roll, on the other hand was phenomenal. The avocado, wrapped around the exterior, gave everything a richness that mingled with the crunchy filler and the hot sauce well. Unfortunately, by piece number ten I was sweating, the richness getting to be a bit much. The yellowtail was so/so, but the mystery piece (what was that?) was very nice. My sidekick in the fight was a tall and cold Kirin Ichiban, standing stoically at the ready for when I needed him.

With ego in mind I persevered, and eventually was victorious over the plate. Drinking the rest of my Ichiban I glanced at the sushi chef. Was that a slight bow acknowledging my victory? Probably. Really, it's your classic man versus pan-Asian restaurant kind of story. I'm sure you've all heard it before.