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Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Cupboard is Bare

Pre-moving: the rare time that I don't go out to eat and don't cook. Why increase the number of dirty dishes? Its far easier to go the quick and stupid route; thus my current reliance on veggie burgers and bag salad. Yeah, I know, not usual in any regards. But you have to pick your battles, and this is one of the few times that cooking loses to practicality. And Morningstar Farms burgers are pretty good for a quick fix.

Anyway, I wrote up another Weekly Feed that hasn't garnered anywhere near the reaction as the last one, even though (as Audrey observed) I was kind of snidely re-emphasizing last week's column. Sort of surprised at that. The thing with this feature is that it's mega hard to pick what you want to write about. I wanted to put something in on Spanish Grenache but didn't have the time to fully go into it; bummer since Schneider's is having a pretty good sale on them.

As of now, all of my books and CDs are packed -- the vast majority of my personal belongings. More packing tonight, and more cleaning. I think I'll be fine by Sunday.