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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Blogging Drunk is Great, Blogging Upset is Better

Odd things. I've never cursed on this blog, minus a few "damns" and "hells". I've only gone into depth about feelings once. I've always been vapid in describing life. Perhaps that is just the nature of the medium. Or perhaps there's something more.

I bet on the latter.

In any case.

Yet again, was recruited as grillmaster tonight to cook up subpar quality burgers at a friends house. Played poker statistically well and lost on luck. No big deal; a few dollars that would have otherwise been spent elsewhere were instead lost in games.

Argh. Never mind. The motivation to get deep is gone. I'm just in a bad mood, overall. Hopefully my trip out of town next weekend will help. Things have been worse, but they could certainly be better. Tomorrow I move. Not far, but perhaps far enough to give me perspective on a life that, as of now, is not the way I want to live. Or maybe after the State Dept. medical exams (two weeks from now...) I'll just get shipped far, far away. I'm not upset about that possibility. No reason for me to stick around, that's for sure.