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Friday, May 06, 2005

Wherein DCist Happy Hour Kicks Our Hero's Ass, and He Makes Pasta Sauce

Walking down Columbia Road yesterday around 6:15 I idly wondered to myself whether the DCist happy hour would be a success. We had been planning this for a while (when I say "we" I should say it was Becca and Kyle that really did the legwork) and everyone was pretty hyped up about it. After a quick dinner at Churreria Madrid with Catherine and the ill (in the malady sense) Chef Scott, DCist rolled four deep into Chief Ike's. The night started off slow, which was pretty nerve wracking. The truly disgusting margaritas at Chief Ike's didn't help. But then...

Words cannot describe the fun of last night. I suspect we packed the place to the tune of 80 or so people. Ike's was definitely not prepared, with only one bartender on during the early part of the evening and people getting annoyed at the service. But they didn't leave -- just decided to double and triple fist. My kind of peeps. There was some cool blog randomness : The Cleveland Park Men's Club showed up, Kelly Ann Collins was there... crikey, I really can't put it all into words. At some point I was dancing on chairs. Kyle dropped Craig David, which was a super hot surprise. Plus: managed to grab a 90 bus home, so no cabbing. Sweet! If you're not convinced that you need to be at the next DCist party: the bar ran out of Corona. On Cinco de Mayo. It was that pizzacked, that bonkers. Images from last night are here. Yes, this is how we do it in the D.C.

This evening I made puttanesca sauce. Its a really easy, quick recipe:

1 large can peeled tomatoes
1 tin anchovies
1 can pitted black olives
1 small jar artichoke hearts
2 tablespoons capers
3 cloves garlic

Mince the garlic and saute in olive oil with the anchovies. While the anchovies are sauteeing, mash them with a spoon or spatula so they make a sort of mush. Allow to saute for about three minutes over medium. While the mix sautees, broadly chop the olives. Pour the tomatoes, juice and all, into the pan, along with the chopped olives, the capers, and the artichoke hearts. Use your spoon to break up the tomatoes into smaller pieces. Heat for about 15 minutes; use this time to make your pasta. I recommend a medium gauge pasta like linguini. With this recipe, you should have enough for three delicious servings.

It's that easy. Whore sauce, remember? Not meant to be complex, not meant to be subtle. And don't be afraid of anchovies. You know that indescribable flavor in Caesar dressing? Well, its umami... and it comes from anchovies. A good dinner, fo'rilla.