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Friday, May 20, 2005

Patching a Lacuna with Pepperoni

I've never written here about the food at Tunnis. Strange considering I have on average 1-2 meals there a week. The reasoning? Probably the fact that the food at Tunnis is just on the right side of mediocre. Sure, the brunch dishes are satisfying and some of the entrées are good, but overall Tunnicliffs Tavern is not a spot I'd send someone looking for a good food recommendation.

That said, I have to recommend one choice at Tunnicliffs for those who have occasion to visit: the pizza. This ain't Two Amy's, but the pizza at the bar is one of the few consistently good meals one (or two) can get there. Last night Ken, Martin, and I split a pie with pepperoni, green peppers, and feta. It was well done, with a touch of garlic on the crust that really pushed it from "decent" to "good." I've also had the Mediterranean and recommend it for those who love olives and sundried tomatoes. This is also a pizza that holds up great the next day -- eat it cold or warm it in the oven. Avoid the microwave if you want a good crust.

The best thing about Tunnis pizza? Thursdays, when they are half price all night. There was a good 5-6 week period where a Tunnis Mediterranean was my Thursday dinner and Friday lunch, all for the bargain basement price of $6.50 (beer not included).

One note: avoid the "Cheesesteak Pizza." Its just kind of stupid tasting. Can something taste stupid? Trust me, the answer is yes.

Oh, and if you haven't started reading Pygmalion in a Blanket, dude, learn how to read. Links like this are life-affirming.