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Monday, May 23, 2005

Olfactory Siren

Oh holy jeez. I don't want to eat the braised short ribs I made tonight (shortribs, garlic, onion, baby yukon gold potatoes, celery, zinfandel, chili powder, worcestershire, kosher salt) until it has sat to mellow for a day or two. But that smell, holy jeez... its filling my house like the popcorn in Real Genius. Must... resist... call... The path to true deliciousness is via Patience Boulevard.

Side note: Did you know Mitch from Real Genius is still working? Guess remaining employed is kind of a "moral imperative." (bonus points, all you mini Laszlo Hollyfelds!) Now if I could only track down the whereabouts of that chick from Can't Buy Me Love...

UPDATE: I tried a bit of the potato as I was moving the short ribs from Dutch oven to tupperware... and am regretting it. So very delicious. And I have to wait until Wednesday due to prior commits. Argh. One plus: scrumptiousness plus two hours of Lost? I am so there.