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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Next Up, Pink Floyd Reunion Tour Featuring Syd Barrett

Last night despite persistent feelings of exhaustion and a general sort of malaise, I headed out to Saint-Ex to check out BlueState do their thing. Less dancy than the weekend shows of theirs I've been to, but still a good and enjoyable night. The odd part for me: I didn't have a drink. And I was at a bar. This is easy for some people, but not I. But you know, last night I just wasn't feeling like it and stuck with club soda and water. Good for the wallet, good for the liver. And you know what? As head hit pillow last night I felt good. As head rose from pillow I realized that a) all the sickness had migrated into a single knot in my left shoulder and b) I still felt kind of crappy.

The shoulder thing proves to me that this is all probably stress related. So I'm trying the good posture thing in my cube today (shoulders back, neck straight...). Hopefully tomorrow I'll have full range of motion back.

There's food content coming. Went to Ooohs and Aaahs last night for dinner, and folks its the real deal. That's some good mac and cheese. More details on that, and the braised short ribs, to come.

Alternate title to this post: Someone get Lucifer a Jacket!