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Monday, May 23, 2005

Next stop, Randle Highlands

Allow me to make a suggestion: Do not fall asleep on a bus. Especially a south/east bound bus in the 90 series. Why, you ask? Because you'll end up at 56th and East Capitol Street at 3 in the morning on a Saturday. I toyed briefly with the idea of disembarking the bus and walking home just as I realized the bus was crossing the river but smartly decided it wasn't worth it. So I just went along for the ride, seeing parts of the city I'd never seen before, absorbing local color. On the ride I realized why I had never seen Ward 7 from beyond the confines of my Honda before: there ain't much to see.

But at least in that situation I had the illusion of security, trapped inside a Metrobus. Last night on the way back from a DCist meeting and drinks at Poste I decided it would be fun to try the walk from the NewYoFlaGal metro stop back home. Instead of getting home slightly faster than getting off at Union Station, I ended up lost in Trinidad at 11 PM, exuding ridiculous yuppitasticness via the Urban Outfitters bag in my hand and sensibly-sized t-shirt. I came out of the walk unscathed, but with a renewed feeling of my life's value. And by "renewed feeling of value" I mean shin splints.

So anyway, I'm alive. And I bought a hot new shirt! Its that time of year again. I somehow magically become a year older instantaneously, I kick off the madness that always characterizes my summers, and this year as a special added bonus, I move. Should be a fun ride.

Short notes: new Star Wars, good. Pizza at Vace, okay. PBR, still cheap, still delicious. Taking the day off because weeks of stress have rendered you immobile on a Monday morning, priceless.