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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lost and Delerious

I require approximately 48 hours and many cigarettes to fully process tonights season finale of Lost, but here are some semi-spoiler free quick observations or questions.

First 15 minutes with the dynamite: who else called it?

How did Kate keep her eybrows so perfectly whilst trapped on a deserted island? At least Shannon was looking a little more disheveled, and Claire even more so. But Kate (and I heart Evangeline Lilly): please ask for some versimilitude cream next season.

I secretly hope that Hurley becomes something other than comic relief next season.

The last scene with the boat was somewhat predictable and at the same time gut wrenchingly awesome, as were most of the cutaways to the back story -- with the exception of Hurley, yet again, as comic relief.

The resolution of the Rousseau plot was well done, though I'm thinking the viewer is being hosed by the shot of Charlie's bag.

Parting shot: holy frijoles.

In conclusion: Solid A minus, but it kind of feels good to have my Wednesdays back. Anyone other Lost fans have thoughts? Eager to hear them.