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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

If I Had Known It Would be This Emo, I Would Have Worn My Studded Belt

Last night was my final lesson with Abby, the SAT student I've been working with since February. The lesson went well -- she's officially prepared for the test, and I'm willing to wager she'll see a vast improvement in her scores, math in particular. But still, the lesson was hard.

This is the first student I've become attached to. My two previous students were either rush jobs with shortened curricula or incredibly difficult. With Abby, its been once a week for more than three months, a pretty regular part of my schedule. And unlike prior students Abby had a personality in spades and our lessons were very fun. Sure, it was two hours on a Sunday afternoon (usually) and getting to Takoma was sometimes like pulling teeth. But I still think I'll miss her.

Throughout the lesson last night Abby kept repeating the refrain "I'm never going to see you again" as both a joke and a kind of sad aside. That was probably some sort of coping mechanism on her part... I purposefully avoided the subject. But as the two hours wound down I got more and more sad. At the end of the lesson I asked her to email me her scores and keep me informed as to what was going on in her life. That might sound strange, but we'd talked about a number of things beyond the call of duty: where she should go to college, what she should major in, what sort of college experience she wanted... she was a talker. All that made me feel very big-brotherly towards her. So here I am in a situation where I will most likely not see my student again. This never bugged me with previous students, but it sure does feel strange now. I don't think I could ever be a full fledged teacher, though I suspect the one-on-one nature of my tutoring increases attachments.

Oh well. Abby, if you read this (and you very well might) best of luck with everything... I'm sure you'll find your path and succeed.

Obligatory food content: Don't ever eat at Savory in Takoma Park. It may be fairly cheap but the food there sucks.