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Monday, May 02, 2005

I am a Big Liar

I made the claim to Catherine and Tom (who in a coincidence have just returned from Italy) that I wasn't huge on Italian food. Upon retrospection I realized what a complete lie that claim was. Just this week I ate no less than five Italian or Italian-inspired meals, went to two different Italian shops (Vace and Litteri's) and gathered ingredients for a puttanesca sauce I'll probably make this week.

Saturday night was my first foray into making spaghetti carbonara. I picked up a half pound of pancetta (thickly sliced and yes, I pronounce that word obnoxiously) at Litteri's along with some dry pasta and set off: eggs, garlic, pepper, cheese, and I was good to go. There isn't a dish much simpler. Put a pound of pasta in to boil; while boiling the noodles broadly slice your pancetta/bacon and fry with two whole cloves of garlic. Crack three eggs in your serving bowl and whisk, adding black pepper. When the noodles are done, drain and immediately add to the eggs and mix. Throw the meat into the bowl as well along with some of the fat (discard the now-fried cloves of garlic, the flavor has been transferred to the pan). The bacon fat and eggs will bond to make a sauce. Top with grated parmesan and some more black pepper and serve.

Eggs, bacon fat, cheese? Yes, this recipe is basically a heart attack waiting to happen. But it is also seriously tasty.